Bill Sanderson

The Conservative Fighter for Northwest Tennessee

Conservative Fighter

Bill Sanderson

Defending ...

Our Rights.

Bill Sanderson will never waver in his fight to protect the 2nd Amendment and ensure that every Tennessean has the right to defend themselves and their families.

Our Families.

Bill Sanderson is proudly pro-life and pro-family. As our State Representative, he is leading the charge to defend the rights of the unborn and preserve the values that have defined our families for generations.

Our Tax Dollars.

Bill Sanderson worked with fellow conservatives in the Legislature to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are protected and respected. Tennessee now has the lowest debt, taxes, and interest rate of any state in the country.

Our Community.

Bill Sanderson and conservatives in the Legislature created a task force on the opioid epidemic. Tennessee is ranked near the top of states suffering from prescription drug abuse – and Bill Sanderson is doing something about it.

Our Jobs, Wallets, and Futures.

Bill Sanderson worked to CUT taxes in Tennessee by $257 million, add $800 million to the rainy day fund, cut $127.8 million of government waste, and secure a AAA bond rating.

Our Values.

Bill Sanderson knows that our nation was founded on conservative, Christian values. That’s why he filed a bill that would require “In God We Trust” to be on all state issued license plates.